An innovative and spectacular way to pay allowance and teach our kids the financial responsibility, excellent money habits and the value of the almighty dollar! A fantastic tool for our future leaders of tomorrow...

  • Prepaid or debit/credit card added to your wearable

    Shop in store with your Techie Sports Gear wearable

  • Instant loads

    Instantly send money to the wearable from your app, anywhere anytime

  • Pocket money made easy

    Set up an allowance and never worry about having cash on hand

  • Savings goals

    Stay on target for something special with visual savings goals

  • Protect from your pocket

    Keep funds safe by locking and unlocking the wearable instantly through the app

  • Notifications

    Real time spend notifications to the parent and kid apps.

  • Jobs

    The option to set and manage jobs and tasks for your kids.

Our sporty wearables and app come with unique parental controls for youth that are between 6 and 18. To use the app, just pay $4.99 per child per month and you can cancel at any time! With a limited a supply of wristbands, custom keys and lanyards, pre-purchase today and receive a 50% discount off of our standard price…wearables will launch during the fall amid the coronavirus pandemic. So make sure that you will be one of the few to wear our fashionable and stylish techie sports gear…and get started for FREE!

How It Works:

It is a proven fact…that fantastic money management skills are engineered early in life. And it’s nothing better in the world than to give your child the necessary tools and a head start. It can all be accomplished in 3 easy and simple steps when you receive your wearable in the mail:

First Step:

Open an account. No upfront fees and it only takes a couple of minutes to apply

Second Step:

Activate the wearable. You and your child will light up like a Xmas tree when you receive your wearable(s)

Third Step:

Set the rules and guidelines for managing…like setting up automatic transfers, different tasks to receive allowances and any kind of spending limits or controlling when and where the wearable can be used.


Four youth accounts can be under one parent. The parent will fund the wearables from their respective debit bank accounts. Parents can:

Parents can add money with their debit card. Parents will then have the ability to choose how they would like utilize those funds with each child. They can…

  • transfer funds regularly for allowances
  • set an array of tasks to complete for kids to earn extra cash
  • make instant one-time payments to each child

Be as flexible as they like:

  • Set up single and or weekly spending limits
  • Select where the wearable can be used such as specific stores and locations
  • Block and unblock wearables at the drop of a dime through the app
  • Receive real-time notifications when the wearable is use


We have created a unique set of criteria and tools for our future leaders of America to learn to save, spend and earn in a way that is comfortable and manageable! Kids will have the ability to:


  • Complete their chores for extra cash
  • Budget a set weekly allowance
  • Receive allowances for completing weekly and extra one-off tasks


  • Set up automatic savings goals
  • Set saving goals and objectives
  • Set up multiple saving goals for things they want to purchase or gifts for friends & family


  • Use the wearables at their weekly sporting events…snack bars and sports lounges
  • Get real time notifications on where dollars were spent


  • Always great for children to learn how to give small amounts each week
  • Our youth will learn the importance of helping the less fortunate


  • Best NFC chip security on the market
  • Transactions are protected by PIN
  • We have taken the risk out of overspending
  • With the app, wearable can be blocked if lost or stolen
  • $250,000 insured by FDIC